Brodie Hearden

Brodie is a qualified Western Herbal Medicine Practitioner, having graduated from Australian Institute of Applied Science in 2016. Herbs have been her passion from a young age, having worked on an organic herb farm. She adored the aroma, touch and names of the herbs. Working with herbs gave her a great sense of purpose and pleasure; and she brings this enthusiasm with her into her practice.

Brodie began her formal study in 2013 after successfully supporting her animals with natural therapies for various conditions. She noticed that the herbs supported all aspects of beings; physically, mentally and emotionally.

The treatment that is provided by Brodie is wholistic herbal medicine. This involves looking at a client’s overall state of health and individual body systems. A tailored treatment plan is then created to support your bodies overall health and vitality. Diagnostic tools of Iridology, pulse and tongue analysis are included in initial consults, which give her a well-rounded understanding of her client’s needs.

Herbal medicine is given as appropriate and is dependent on each client’s individual needs. This can include, liquid tinctures, blended herbal teas and foot soaks, fresh plants for cooking, and topical applications such as creams and ointments.

Away from the clinic, Brodie integrates herbs into botanical art, runs gardening workshops, and spends much of her time pottering around her medicinal garden; constantly learning new things from the plants around her. She also enjoys reading historical fiction, drawing and watercolour.

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